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We accept the currency of US$, Euro, HK$, Yen, RMB(China Currency).

   We accept credit card, Paypal, transfer(T/T), international money order, check, Western Union, LC, cash.
If the order is more than 1,000 US$, we only accept paypal, transfer(T/T), international money order, western union, LC and cash.

 1. Credit card. 
We accept master card, visa card, discover card. If you only have a card, we only accept this card one time a day.  So if you only have a card and you have made a payment today, if you want to use this card again, you have to do it after 24 hours. It is the policy to protect the card holder. It is 100% safe of our site and it is Verisign.
 2.  Paypal. 
We accept Paypal too. We have our bank account in US. We prefer Paypal. It is 100% safe by using Paypal. If you want us to send you a money request, please let us know. And we will send you an invoice by paypal too.
 3. Transfer(T/T).
We prefer transfer(T/T) too. You can choose the transfering to our account in US, Hongkong or China. Our bank account in US only accepts US$. Our bank account in Hongkong accepts US$ and HK$ and our bank account in China accepts US$, Euro, HK$, Yen and RMB(China Currency). 
 4. International money order and check.
We accept international money order and check. But if you use personal check, it takes about 3 weeks for us to clear the check and it takes one month for us to make sure the money is kept in our account. So if you use check, it takes 7 weeks for us to making sure the money.
 5. Western Union and cash
We prefer Western Union and cash too. 
 6. LC.
If we do the business first time and the amount is big, it is better for us to use LC. And we only accept LC of negotiation against the documents and beneficiary's drafts drawn on issuing bank at 30 days after issuing date of B/L. 

 7. Money Program.
Visit this link for the detail,


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